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Rescue squad member license plates

Current issue for rescue squad member plate


These license plates are available to anyone who is currently employed as a rescue squad member.

Things you should know

  • A $15 issuance fee is required when non-personalized rescue squad member plates are issued or reissued.
  • A $15 fee is required EACH year in addition to the regular annual registration fee if you choose to personalize your rescue squad member plates (see below).
  • The following vehicles qualify for rescue squad member license plates:
    • Automobiles
    • Motor homes (annual registration only)
    • Motor trucks
      • 4,500, 6,000 or 8,000 pound gross weight including dual purpose farm and dual purpose motor home.
      • 12,000 pound gross weight farm truck.
  • When you are no longer employed as a rescue squad member, you must exchange your rescue squad member plates for regular license plates, unless the retirement is due to an injury suffered during the course of duty. Notify the WisDOT Special Plates Unit in writing or email if someone uses rescue squad member plates who does not currently qualify for them.
  • For more information, visit personalized and special plates FAQs.

How to apply

Rescue squad member plates are NOT available at local DMV service centers. To apply by mail, send the following items:

  1. If the vehicle you wish to register with rescue squad member plates is already in your name, send:
    • A completed Civilian License Plates Application form, MV2652 with signed Proof of Eligibility.
    • $15 issuance fee OR annual personalized plate fee.
    • The annual registration fee for your vehicle if you do not have plates or if your current plates expire within the next three months.
  2. If the vehicle is NOT titled in your name, send:
    • A completed title application form MV1 or MV11 (if purchased through a Wisconsin dealer).
    • All required documents and fees, including the annual registration fee or a valid plate to transfer for credit.
    • A completed Civilian License Plates Application form, MV2652 with signed Proof of Eligibility.
    • $15 issuance fee OR annual personalized plate fee.
  3. Check or money order made payable to Registration Fee Trust.
  4. Mail with payment to:

    Wisconsin Department of Transportation
    Special Plates Unit
    P.O. Box 7911
    Madison WI 53707-7911

Personalized license plates

  • Personalizing your rescue squad member license plates with your choice of letters and/or numbers is optional.
  • A $15 personalized plate fee is required each year in addition to the regular annual registration fee.
  • Visit Personalized Plate Lookup to find out if your choice for a personalized license plate is available.
  • No refund or adjustment will be made for a change of choice or spacing after the plates are ordered, or if the application is unclear or incorrectly completed.
  • WisDOT may refuse to issue OR may recall after issuance, a request that may be offensive to good taste or decency, misleading or conflicts with any other license plate.
  • After you receive the Certificate of Registration, allow 4-6 weeks for the manufacturing and mailing process before the plates arrive.
  • If you later decide to re-register with regular numbered rescue squad member plates, return a copy of your Certificate of Registration with a request for non-personalized rescue squad member plates. Include the regular registration fee if your plates will expire within the next 3 months.

Temporary plate required

To legally operate your vehicle, you must display license plates within two business days of purchase. If you do not have current plates, apply to a DMV service center or an agent authorized by DMV to obtain a temporary plate while your rescue squad member plate order is processed. An agent may charge a plate fee and/or service fee.

Release of information

WisDOT uses the information on form MV2652 to issue rescue squad member license plates. Under open records laws, the department must make nonexempt information available upon request. If you want your name and address withheld from mailing lists of 10 or more individuals, complete page two of form MV2652.

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