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Safety publications

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To obtain copies of the Highway Safety Performance Plan from previous years contact Kelly Behling at

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Statistical and technical reports

  • Report on Ignition Interlock Devices (IID) and Vehicle Immobilization
    The Department of Transportation, Bureau of Transportation Safety, in conjunction with the Department of Health and Family Services, worked with representatives of law enforcement, the legal community, and alcohol assessment agencies to provide a comprehensive review of IIDs and vehicle immobilization in accordance with 1999 Wisconsin Act 109 Section 88(3).
    The study involved extensive dialogue with legal professionals, law enforcement professionals and local, alcohol assessment agencies, and IID vendors; a review of existing literature, and an analysis including opinions on the use of IIDs and other vehicle sanctions. The following, final report was distributed to the Legislature and Governor on December 26, 2003 and includes the study findings focusing on legal and technical aspects of IIDs and vehicle immobilization, their effectiveness, implementation and legislative considerations for Wisconsin.

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  • Cell Phone Use in Motor Vehicle Crashes
    The Wisconsin State Patrol, in conjunction with the Wisconsin Department of Transportation’s Division of Motor Vehicles and Bureau of Transportation Safety surveyed a limited number of crashes in Wisconsin in an attempt to determine if there was any relation between the use of cell phones by drivers involved in crashes and the crashes themselves. Its intent was to provide an introduction to the issue of motorist cell phone use and to prompt further discussion, research and queries.
  • Crash facts publications
    Contains traffic crash facts, alcohol traffic crash facts and motorcycle crash facts as well as special interest monographs on seatbelt use, deer crashes, and traffic safety fact sheets.
  • Crash report summaries
    Statewide summaries of information on traffic crashes, deaths and injuries. The information is broken down into specific categories including number and type of crashes, numbers of people killed and injured, severity of injuries, contributing factors, ages and roles, and age of drivers.
  • Evaluation of Alternatives to Incarceration for Repeat Drunken Driving
    This 2001 consultant report was prepared by the Dieringer Research Group (Milwaukee, WI) under contract to the Department of Transportation, Bureau of Transportation Safety.  The study was undertaken as a joint effort by the Departments of Transportation, Corrections and Health and Family Services, as required in 1999 Wisconsin Act 109, Section 88(1).  The report evaluates the use of treatment programs and other alternatives as ways to reduce the length of or need for incarceration for repeat drunk driving.  For a concluding summary and interpretation of the study findings, see the fifth report, titled "Final Analysis."

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