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Transit procurement procedures

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT), as the designated recipient of federal grant funds, is responsible for ensuring that sub-recipients are aware of and comply with federal procurement requirements such as starting any purchase with an independent cost estimate and concluding it with a documented, fair and reasonable price.

There are several resources available to sub-recipients regarding procurement processes, including the WisDOT Procurement Manual, FTA Best Practices Procurement Manual, federal circular FTA C 4220.1F – Third Party Contracting Guidance, and National RTAP’s (Rural Transit Assistance Program) ProcurementPRO system.

Before procurements are initiated, sub-recipients should review these resources and work with the WisDOT Transit Procurement Manager to ensure appropriate steps are followed.

General procurement processes

Required procurement processes vary based on the type and anticipated dollar amount of the commodity or service. Each of the different processes are listed below, with sample toolkits included for micro-purchases and small purchases, as well as a supplemental guide for minivan procurements. Follow the links below for more detailed information for larger purchases and Human Service Vehicle procurements.

Appendices to be submitted to WisDOT prior to making micro- or small purchases are available in Word format, except for Applicable Clauses documents, which remain in PDF format to retain document integrity. The documents for each process are available in the zipped files below.

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