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April 24, 2015

Prom is an exciting time of year for many high schoolers, but for parents and transportation safety officials, there are concerns over the potential for impaired driving. Wisconsin’s Absolute Sobriety Law prohibits all drivers under age 21 from operating a motor vehicle with any amount of alcohol in their system. Consuming alcohol is dangerous for drivers of all ages, but especially for younger drivers who lack experience behind the wheel and tend to take more risks. Breaking the law can result in a $390 fine, a three month driver license suspension and four demerit points. Traffic crashes are among the leading causes of death for teenagers in the U.S. Audio


Wisconsin’s Freight Advisory Committee held its first meeting in Madison this week. The 36 member advisory panel includes representatives from key freight sectors such as agriculture, manufacturing, timber, and paper industries. The committee will advise the Wisconsin DOT on current and emerging issues related to the safe, efficient movement of commerce throughout Wisconsin and the Midwest. Governor Walker announced creation of the Freight Advisory Committee during last year’s fourth annual freight industry summit in Appleton.


As fishermen get their equipment ready for the May 2 opening of Wisconsin’s inland game fishing season, they also need to make sure that any trailer or camper they’re pulling is ready for the road. According to the Wisconsin State Patrol, this includes carefully inspecting tires, wheel bearings, tail-lights and ensuring the camper or trailer is safely secured to the vehicle. State law requires that vehicle hitches and trailer couplings fit securely — and that sufficient safety chains, cables or leveling bars connect the towing unit and trailer. If any type of towed unit breaks free from a vehicle, the results can be costly and tragic. Failing to properly secure a towed unit can result in a fine of over $200 and assessment of two demerit points. Audio

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