Wisconsin Department of Transportation

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75th anniversary of Wisconsin State Patrol
100th anniversary of State Highway Commission
511 Projects (construction projects with significant travel impacts)
511 Travel information

Abstract, driver
Access management (also see land divisions)
Access to public records
Accident reporting
Accidents, fatality report

Accomplishments, WisDOT
Acronyms, transportation specific
Address change on driver or vehicle records
Address residence change online
Administrative hearings

Aerial imagery
Aeronautic engineering services

Affirmative Action and Equal Employment Opportunity Program
    Contract services
Aggressive driving
Aging drivers

Agricultural equipment and vehicles
Air projects, plans and studies
Air publications
Air travel
Aircraft program, State Patrol

Aircraft registration or exemption
Airlines serving Wisconsin
Airport engineering services
Airport Improvement Program (AIP)
Airport lettings

Airport operations areas and buffers
Airport security

    Administrative suspension
    Alcohol and chemical testing
    Alcohol crash facts
    Alcohol/drug review
    Alcohol treatment facility locator - Wisconsin

Alternate route designations
Alternate transportation options
Ambulance inspection
Amateur radio station call letter license plates
Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

Antique license plates
Appointment for road test
Approved product lists
Assistant deputy secretary, bio

At a glance, WisDOT summary
Auction/sale of surplus real estate
Aviation, commercial
Aviation, general

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Beltline, Madison Beltline Study
Bicycle and Pedestrian Facilities Program
Bicycle projects, plans and studies
Bicycle rack locations
Bicycle routes map

Bicycle safety - also kids bike safety
Bicycle transportation plan
Bicycle, travel by
Bid letting
Biennial reports, local highway aid

Bike buddy
Birth date, proof of
Biographies of WisDOT executives
Border agreement, 30 mile registration and fuel tax
Branding, title
Brewers license plates

    General information

Bus and Bus Facilities Program
Bus inspection, motor
Bus inspection, school
Bus lines serving Wisconsin

Buses, see public transit
Businesses in construction zones - view/promote business in construction zones
Buyer identification (BID) card
Buyer's license, motor vehicles

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Calendar, events
Cameras, closed circuit TV, choose location by either county or highway
Campaigns, safety
Car ads, misleading

Car buying and selling
Cassville ferry
CDL, commercial driver license
    How to obtain a CDL
    Practice CDL knowledge test - mobile device application

Celebrate children license plates
Certificate of registration (duplicate)
Certificate of title, applying for application
Change of address, driver or vehicle records
Check your court record

Checks returned for insufficient funds - DMV
Child safety seats
Civil Air Patrol license plates
Civil 3D training
Civil rights and compliance

Class II roads
Claude Allouez Roundabout Reconfiguration, De Pere - Brown County
Closed circuit television (CCTV), see also Madison-area traffic and Milwaukee-area traffic
Collector license plates
Collector special license plates

Commemorative bridges
Commercial aviation
Commercial driver license (CDL)
Commercial Driver's Manual (Español)
Commercial driver license practice knowledge test - mobile device application

Commercial driving schools
Commuting in southeastern Wisconsin, see RIDESHARE and/or employer benefits
Complaints, dealer - how to file
Complaints, Title VI and ADA
Complete Streets

Conferences, transportation-related
Congestion map, Milwaukee
Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ)
Connecting Highway Aids
Connecting highways

Connections 2030
Construction and engineering services
Construction and Materials Manual (CMM)
Construction bid letting

Construction plans, studies and projects
    Consulting firms hired by WisDOT
    Contract documents - ID and logon required
    Extranet - ID and logon required
    Real estate contract documents - ID and logon required

Contract Administration and Reporting System (CARS)
Consumer alerts
Consumer laws
Consumer protection
Consumer rights

Contacts, WisDOT
Contract administration

Contracting with WisDOT:
    Engineering and related services

Counts, traffic
County Elderly and Disabled Transportation Assistance
County Forest Road Aids
County maps
Courteous driving tips

Crash facts
Crash investigation sites
Crash reports, purchase
Crash statistics
Cruise operators

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Dealer complaints
Dealer contacts
Dealer licenses
Dealer registration plates
Deer crash facts

Deputy Secretary, bio
Design and construction
   Construction bid letting
   Engineering and related services

Designer license plates
Development, economic
Disabled and elderly transportation services
Disabled drivers, driving with a disability
Disabled parking

Disabled veteran license plates
Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) program
Disaster Damage Aids
Distractions while driving
DMV A-Z index

DMV services centers
    Find by city
    Find by county
    Look up by zip code
Donate Life Wisconsin license plates

Driver abstract
Driver abstract - request your own
Driver behaviors
Driver education

Driver license
    Applying for
    Duplicate or renew license
    Forms and publications

    GDL (graduated drivers license)
    Instruction permit
    Lost license
    New residents to Wisconsin

    Residence address change
    Status check
    Temporary license
    Veteran driver's license or ID identifier

Driver records
Driver records - request your own
Driver safety
Driver training schools
    Driver training forms
    Requirements for starting a driver training school

Drivers test
    Behind the wheel
    Practice driver's test - mobile device application
    Practice CDL knowledge test - mobile device application

Driveway permits
Driving around trucks

Driving conditions
Driving schools
Driving tips
Driving while distracted
Driving while tired

Drunk driving
Ducks Unlimited license plates
Duplicate license or ID card
Duplicate title
DWI - driving while intoxicated laws

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Economic development
Elderly and Disabled Capital Assistance
Elderly and disabled transportation services
Electric vehicles (see low-speed vehicles)

Emergency contacts (for WisDOT employees)
Emergency medical technician (EMT) license plates
Emergency relief
Emergency Services Contract Directory (WisDOT)
Emission testing

Emission testing hours and locations
Employee email and phone listing
Employee information hotline (for WisDOT employees)
Employer transit
Employment with WisDOT

Endangered resources license plates
Endorsements, commercial driver license (CDL)
Engineering and related services
Environmental areas
Environmental programs

Equal employment opportunity (EEO) coordinators
Equipment safety
Erosion control
Estimating highway construction projects - ID and logon required

Event calendar
Ex-Prisoner of War license plates
Exit numbers
Exit signs
Expressway Policing Aids (EPA)

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Facebook (on WisDOT website)
Facilities Development Manual (FDM)
Failure to yield right of way
Failure to yield violation
    Classes for failure to yield right of way

Fake driver licenses and ID cards
Farm truck plates
Fatality, weekly report
Fed Med card
Federal Formula Grant Program for Urbanized Areas

Fees, driver licensing
Financial institutions
Financial responsibility, proof of insurance (SR-22)
Fines and points, traffic violations

511 Projects (construction projects with significant travel impacts)
511 Travel information
Fire Call Claim program
Firefighter license plates
Flashing yellow arrow turn signals

Flood damaged vehicle
Flood information
Forms, driver training schools
Fraud, odometer

Fraudulent driver licenses and ID cards
Freemason license plates
Freeway camera images - choose location by county or highway
Freeway service patrols
Freeway signs

Freight Advisory Committee
Freight movement
Freight Rail Conference
Freight Rail Infrastructure Improvement Program (FRIIP)
Freight Rail Preservation Program (FRPP)

Frozen road declaration
Fuel tax
Functional classification

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Gary-Chicago-Milwaukee Corridor congestion map
Gas prices
Gateway patrols
GDL/teen driver portal
GDL/teen risk

General aviation
General Transportation Aids (GTA)
Gold Star license plates
Golf Wisconsin license plates
Graduated driver license, GDL

Green Bay-area traffic
Green Bay Packers license plates

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Habitual Traffic Offender Law
Handicapped parking
Harbor Assistance Program (HAP)
Harley-Davidson/Share the road license plate
Hazardous materials security

Hazardous materials, transport
HCCI (Highway Construction Contract Information)
Hearings, administrative
Hearings, public meetings
Heavy vehicle sticker (or plate)

Heavy vehicle use tax
High Intensity Activated Cross-Walk (HAWK)
Highway 2, Ashland - Ashland County
Highway 2 (Belknap St.), Banks Ave.-Hill Ave. - Douglas County
Highway 2 Bong Bridge, Superior - Douglas County
Highway 2/US 53 Interchange to County D, East of Superior - Douglas County

Highway 8
    Corridor Preservation Study, Deer Lake to Poskin/Barron - Polk and Barron counties
    Turtle Lake roundabouts (Highway 8/County K/Norway St. Intersection), Turtle Lake - Barron County

Highway 10, Ellsworth - Pierce County
Highway 10/WIS 441 Expansion (County CB-Oneida St.) - Calumet, Outagamie and Winnebago counties

Highway 12
    Corridor, Baraboo Bypass (I-90/94-Ski Hi Rd.), Baraboo - Sauk County
    Corridor, Baraboo-Springfield in Dane County
    Corridor Study (County N-WIS 26) - Dane and Jefferson counties
    Freeway Conversion Study, Springfield to Middleton - Dane County

    Highway 12/18 Freeway Conversion Study, Madison to Cottage Grove - Dane County
    Highway 12/Highway 50 Interchange Project, Lake Geneva/Elkhorn - Walworth County
    Madison Beltline Study
    Study, Wisconsin Dells Parkway - Sauk County

Highway 13, Cornucopia-Red Cliff - Bayfield County
Highway 14
    Corridor Preservation Access Study - Mazomanie to Middleton
    Corridor Study - Oregon to Janesville
    Cross Plains - Dane County
    Madison Beltline Study
    Reconstruction, Brooklyn to Madison - Dane County

Highway 15 (US 45-Lily of the Valley Dr.) Expansion, New London, Hortonville and Greenville - Outagamie County
Highway 16 (WIS 67 - I-94), Oconomowoc - Waukesha County

Highway 18
     Highway 12/18 Freeway Conversion Study, Madison to Cottage Grove - Dane County
     Highway 18/151 Freeway Conversion Study - Dane and Iowa counties
     Madison Beltline Study
     Moreland Boulevard Project, Waukesha County
     Verona Road (US 18/151) Project, Madison - Dane County

Highway 20/83 Reconstruction, Waterford (west of Racine) - Racine County
Highway 21 (Rivermoor Rd.-US 41) Planning Study - Winnebago County
Highway 22 (Main St.), Clintonville, Waupaca County

Highway 23
    Highway 23 Corridor Preservation Study - Sheboygan County
    Highway 23 (US 151-County P) Expansion, Fond du Lac and Sheboygan counties

Highway 24 (Janesville Rd.), Hales Corners - Milwaukee County
Highway 26 Corridor Expansion project, Janesville to Watertown - Dodge, Jefferson and Rock counties
Highway 26, in Waupun, Springvale, Rosendale and Eldorado - Fond du Lac County
Highway 27, Brockway - Jackson County

Highway 29
    Freeway Conversion (County FF-County U) - Brown and Outagamie counties
    Sunrise Dr.-Business 51 Interchange, Rib Mountain/Rothschild - Marathon County

Highway 32
    Highway 32 (Main St.) Planning Study, De Pere - Brown County
    Highway 32 (50th St. to 7th Ave.) study, Kenosha
    Highway 32 Reconstruction, Caledonia - Racine County

Highway 35
     Highway 35/70 Intersection Improvements - Siren and Burnett counties
     Osceola Intersection Study (WIS 35/WIS 243/County M), Polk County
     Radio Road Interchange, River Falls
     Stony Brook Creek Structure Replacement, Douglas County

Highway 35/70 Intersection Improvements - Siren and Burnett counties

Highway 41
    Highway 41 Interstate Conversion Study - Milwaukee to Green Bay
    Highway 41 Project - Brown and Winnebago counties
    Highway 41/45 Menomonee River bridges, Menomonee Falls - Washington County

Highway 42 Project, Sister Bay - Door County
Highways 45/100 Corridor Study - Milwaukee County
Highway 48 (Bear Paw Ave.-Hammond Ave.) - Rice Lake - Barron County
Highway 48, Rice Lake - Barron County
Highway 50 Corridor Study - Walworth County
Highway 50 Reconstruction project, Pleasant Prairie to Kenosha - Kenosha County

Highway 51
    Bearskin Trail Bridge, Hazelhurst - Oneida County
    Business 51 (Post Road), County B-Minnesota Ave. - Portage County
    I-39/Business 51 Interchange, Rothschild - Marathon County
    Rocky Run Rd.-Oneida County Y, Cassian and Hazelhurst - Oneida County

    Stoughton Rd. Study (Terminal Dr./Voges Rd.-WIS 19), McFarland to DeForest - Dane County
    Study (I-39/90-US 12/18 (Beltline), Stoughton to McFarland - Dane County
    Study (McFarland-Deforest), Dane County

Highway 53
    Corridor Preservation Study, Rice Lake to Superior - Barron, Washburn and Douglas counties
    Highway 2/US 53 Interchange to County D, east of Superior - Douglas County

Highway 54/Maple Drive Intersection, Plover - Portage County
Highway 54, Melrose/Black River Falls - Jackson County
Highway 55 (Lawe St.-US 41) Reconstruction - Outagamie County
Highway 57 improvements, De Pere and Allouez - Brown County
Highway 60 Corridor Study, Jackson to Grafton - Ozaukee and Washington counties

Highway 61 Lancaster - Grant County
Highway 63 Safety Improvements, Shell Lake - Washburn County
Highway 63 Study (I-94 -WIS 64) - FONSI and Environmental Assessment (EA) - St. Croix County
Highway 63/WIS 64 Study - St. Croix County
Highway 64 Freeway/Expressway Designation and Conversion Study, St. Joseph to New Richmond - St. Croix County

Highway 65 Reconstruction, New Richmond - Polk County
Highway 67, Dousman/Eagle - Waukesha County
Highway 67, Oconomowoc - Waukesha County
Highway 83 Reconstruction, Wales, Waukesha County
Highway 83/County C intersection and WIS 83/WIS 50 intersection, Salem/Paddock Lake - Kenosha County

Highway 83/WIS 16 Interchange, Delafield, Hartland and Merton - Waukesha County
Highway 93 Improvement Project, Arcadia - Trempealeau County
Highway 96 Fox River Bridge and Approaches Corridor, Wrightstown and Greenleaf - Brown County
Highway 100 (Layton Ave.-Silver Spring Dr.) Corridor Study, Wauwatosa - Milwaukee County
Highways 100/45 Corridor Study - Milwaukee County

Highway 100/Ryan Road, Oak Creek - Milwaukee County
Highway 116, Winneconne - Winnebago County

Highway 151
    Highway 18/151 Freeway Conversion Study - Dane and Iowa counties
    Highway 151 Freeway Conversion Study - Dodge County
    Madison Beltline Study
    Verona Road (US 18/151) Project, Madison - Dane County

Highway 164 (County Q-County E) Rehabilitation - Washington County
Highway 164 Study (I-94 -WIS 175) - Washington and Waukesha counties
Highway 167/Mequon Rd. Study - Germantown and Mequon
Highway 241 (S. 27th St.) corridor study, Milwaukee - Milwaukee County
Highway 243/WIS 35/County M)- Osceola Intersection Study, Polk County

Highway 441/10 (County CB-Oneida St.) Expansion - Calumet, Outagamie and Winnebago counties
Highway Advisory Radio (HAR)
Highways, commemorative
Highway Construction Contract Information (HCCI)
Highway construction estimating - ID and logon required

Highway design awards
Highway design and construction
Highway maintenance and traffic operationsID and logon required
Highway map, State of Wisconsin
Highway operations manualsID and logon required

Highway plans, studies and projects
Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP)
Highway security
Hoan Bridge/I-794 Project - Milwaukee
Hobbyist license plates

Homemade vehicle inspection
How to report medically impaired drivers
How to sell your car in Wisconsin
Human service vehicle inspection

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I-39 Stevens Point Area Corridor Study, Plover/Whiting/Park Ridge/Stevens Point/Dewey/Hull - Portage County
I-39/90 Project, Madison to Illinois stateline - Dane and Rock counties
I-39/Business 51 Interchange, Rothschild - Marathon County
I-39 Coloma, Coloma to Plainfield - Waushara County
I-43 (Howard Ave.-Canal St.) Bridges Rehabilitation - Milwaukee County

I-43 North-South Corridor Study, Milwaukee and Ozaukee counties
I-90 Reconstruction - La Crosse
I-94 East West Corridor Study, Milwaukee - Milwaukee County
I-94 North-South Freeway Project - Kenosha, Racine and Milwaukee counties
I-94 West Central Freeway Projects - Dunn, Eau Claire, Jackson, St. Croix, and Trempealeau counties

I-94/I-894 Zoo interchange Project, Milwaukee - Milwaukee County
I-94 (US 12-WIS 65) Corridor Study - St. Croix County
I-94/WIS 128 Interchange, Menomonie - St. Croix County
I-794/Hoan Bridge Project - Milwaukee
I-794 Lakefront Gateway project - Milwaukee

ID card - renew or replace ID
ID card for voting
Identity, proof of
IFTA (International Fuel Tax Agreement)
Ignition Interlock Devices (IID)

Imagery, aerial
Impaired drivers
In God We Trust license plates
In This Together program - view/promote business in construction zones
Incident clearance law

Information for WisDOT employees
Inline skates safety
Innovative Interchange and Intersection Design
Inspection, vehicles
Inspector recruiting, State Patrol

Instruction permits for new drivers

    Car insurance requirements
    Motor carrier insurance requirements
    Proof of insurance
    Vehicle insurance for driving schools

International fuel tax agreement
International registration plan, motor carriers

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Jobs available at WisDOT
Judgment, damage
Junking a vehicle


Kids safety (biking and walking)
Knowledge tests (exam)

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Labor and wages
Laboratory qualification program
Lake Express Carferry

Lake Michigan Carferry
Land divisions

Land, purchase of
Lane and ramp closures, Milwaukee-area
Lane and ramp closures, statewide
Lao veteran license plates
Large truck safety

Late fee, drivers license
Law enforcement dispatcher recruiting
Law of the month
Law Enforcement Memorial license plates
Laws (Wisconsin motor vehicle laws)

Learning to drive, driving training schools
Legal presence in Wisconsin
Lemon law
Library services, WisDOT
Lions Foundation license plate

License plates
    Applying for title and registration
    Designer plates
    License plate look up
    Lost plates
    Personalized plate look up
    Plates (or stickers) available at each DMV

    Looking up a lien
    Removing a lien from a title
Life of a highway project
Lift Bridge Aids

Limited term positions and internships
Little convincer
Local Bridge Improvement Assistance
Local consultation
Local Force Account (LFA) agreements

Local Roads Improvement Program (LRIP)
    Web system
Local Transportation Enhancements (TE) program
Locations and hours, motor vehicle offices
Logo for WisDOT (download)

Lost license
Lost license plates
Lost title
Low-speed vehicles
LTE, Limited term employment

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MAPSS (Performance Improvement program)
Madeline Island ferry
Madison-area traffic
Madison Beltline Study
Major highway projects

Make your own landing strip
Manufacturer license, vehicles
Map and publication ordering
Map of WisDOT regions
Maps, bicycle routes

Maps, counties
Maps, state highway
Maps, State Trunk Highway System
Marquette University license plates

MBE (Minority Business Enterprise) Program
    Hmong version
    Spanish version
MDCN, Mobile Data Communications Network
Medal of Honor license plates

Media campaigns, safety
Media contacts
Medically impaired drivers
Memorials on state highways
Merrimac ferry

Metropolitan planning organizations
Midwest Regional Rail Initiative
    License plates
    Personnel - how to conduct business with DMV while on active duty

Milwaukee-area traffic
Milwaukee-area travel times
Milwaukee airport railroad station
Milwaukee Brewers license plates
Milwaukee Intermodal Station

Minority Business Enterprise Program (MBE)
    Hmong version
    Spanish version

Misleading car ads
Mission, WisDOT
Mobile Data Communications Network, MDCN
Mobility management
Moped dealer license

Moped license
Moped safety
Motor carrier enforcement
Motor carriers and trucking
Motor vehicle auction dealer

Motor vehicle dealer registration plates
Motor vehicle offices
    Find by city
    Find by county
Motor vehicle records

Motor vehicle retail dealer licensing
Motor vehicle salesperson license
Motorcycle dealer license
Motorcycle forms
Motorcycle license

Motorcycle program, State Patrol
Motorcycle rider courses
Motorcycle safety
Motorcyclists' Handbook (Español)
Motorist education

Motorist safety
Motorists' Handbook (Español)
Move over law
Multiple Offender Program
My WisDOT Pay (for WisDOT employees)

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Name, change your
    Certificate of title
    Driver license
National highway system
Neighborhood electric vehicles (see low-speed vehicles)

New Freedom program
New projects
News releases
No three-day right to cancel

Non-drivers, alternate transportation options
Numbers, freeway signs

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Occupational driver license
Odometer fraud
Office contacts, WisDOT
Office locations, WisDOT
Older drivers
Online journals, transportation related

Online services:

Opt-out - request to withhold name and address
Organ donor

Organizational structure, WisDOT
Osceola intersection (WIS 35/WIS 243/County M) Study, Polk County
Other state job opportunities

Other states' work zones
Outdoor advertising
Oversize/overweight permits
OWI, operating while intoxicated laws

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PAL - Product Acceptability List
Paratransit, see elderly and disabled transportation services
Park and Ride
Parking, special privileges for persons with disabilities
Parking tickets, unpaid

PARS (Public Abstract Request System)
Partnering Initiative
Passing other vehicles
Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon (PHB)
Pedestrian projects, plans and studies

Pedestrian safety
Performance-based maintenance (PBM)
Performance measures
Permits, driveway
Permits for new drivers

Personal security when traveling
Personalized license plates
Personalized plate look up
Phone guide, WisDOT

Phone guide, WisDOT employees
Photos, aerial
Planning, Connections 2030
Planning organizations
Planning publication

Planning resources
Plans, studies and projects (highways)
Plates, license (also see License plates)
Point system
Posted roads (springtime)

Practice driver's test - mobile device application
Probationary licenses
Problem used car
Products and services WisDOT buys
Programs, design and construction

Project newsletters
Property and right of way use
Property for sale
Public involvement meetings
Public records, access to

Public transit
Public transportation guide
Publication and map ordering
Purchase contract, vehicle (No three-day right to cancel)
Purchasing agents

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    Driver license
Quality Management Program (QMP)


Racine Street bridge replacement study, Menasha
Radio newsline
Rail crossing safety

Rail Freight Conference
Rail plan 2030

Rail projects, plans and studies
Rail travel
Railroad crossing improvements
Railroad Milwaukee airport station
Ramp meters

Reading challenge for children
Real estate consultant contract documents - ID and logon required
Real estate for sale
Real-time traffic information
Records, access to public records

Record, driver abstract
Record, driver record status
Record, obtaining vehicle or driver record information
Recreational vehicle dealer license
Red light running

Reference markers
Regional freeway system reconstruction Study for southeast Wisconsin
Regional planning commissions
Registration, aircraft
Registration renewal, online

Registration, vehicle
Reinstatement, driver license
Reinstatement, registration
Reissuance of license plates
Renewal, drivers license

    Certificate of registration
    Driver license, instruction permit or ID card
    License plate

Report unlicensed car dealer
Reporting a traffic accident
Request to withhold name and address (Opt-out)
Rescue squad member license plates
Rest areas and waysides

Restricted license/occupational
Retail dealer licensing, motor vehicles
Revocation/suspension of drivers license
Rides for non-drivers

Right of way on state highways
Road condition report (seasonal)
Roadway construction estimating - ID and logon required
Road construction report (work zones)
Road design safety

Road projects, plans and studies
Road salt storage
Road test
Roadway sensors
Roadway standards

Roster of Eligible Engineering Consultants
Rules of the road
Rules, permits and licenses
Rumble strips

Running red lights
Rural and small urban area public Transportation Assistance
Rural Transit Assistance
Rustic Roads

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Safe Routes to School program
Safety and weight facilities

Safety campaigns
Safety materials
Safety publications

Safety seats, child
St. Croix Crossing-Wisconsin Approach Project, St. Joseph/Houlton, WI - St. Croix County
     St. Croix River crossing, St. Croix County (Wisconsin) and Washington County (Minnesota)
Salesperson license, motor vehicles
Salt storage

Salvage dealer license
Salvage title inspection
Sample license plates
Saved by the belt
Scales (for trucks)

Scenic Byways program
Scenic information
School bus, requirements for drivers
School bus inspection
School Bus Inspection Manual

School bus safety
Schools, commercial driving
Schools, driver training
Seasonal weight restrictions
Seat belts

Secretary, bio
Secured parties
Security, transportation
Sell it Right - how to sell your car in Wisconsin
Senior drivers

Service centers, DMV
    Find by city
    Find by county
Service patrols
Sesquicentennial plates
    Reissuance of

Sign and permit coordinators
Signs, directional and informational
Signs, freeway exits
Six Year Highway Improvement Program

Size/weight enforcement program
Skates, inline - safety
Skills test, road
Snow plowing brochure
Snow plowing guidelines

Snow plowing priorities
Social Security on-line verification
Solicitation, construction engineering
Solicitation, consultant design
Solicitation schedule - design

South La Crosse Transportation Study
Spanish pages
Special motor vehicle industry plates
Specialized transportation (elderly and disabled transportation, shared-ride taxi, JobRide)
Specialty license plates

Spirit of LaSalle ferry
Springtime posted roads
Standard roadway design files
Standard Specifications for Highway & Structure Construction

Standardized Special Provisions (STSPs)
State employee phone guide
State highway map
State highway right of way
State of Wisconsin Internet Portal

State Operating Assistance Program
State Patrol
State Patrol 75th anniversary
State Patrol recruiting
State Traffic Operations Center (STOC)

State Trunk Highway Fire Call Claim program
State trunk highway system maps
Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP)
Statistics, DMV
Statistics, transportation

Sticker, replacement sticker for a license plate
Stolen driver license
Strategic initiatives, WisDOT
Street modified vehicle
Studies, plans and projects (transportation)

Stylebook for print and web pages
Supplemental Transportation Rural Assistance Program (STRAP)
Surface Transportation Enhancements Program (STEP)
Surface Transportation Program - Freight
Surface Transportation Program – Rural (STP-R)

Surface Transportation Program – Urban (STP-U)
Surplus land sale
Surrender a driver license
Suspended driver license

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Tampering, odometer
Teddy bear program

Teen driving
    GDL (graduated driver license)
    GDL safety
    Probationary license
    Teen portal

Telephone guide, WisDOT
Temporary license plates
Temps (learners/instruction permit) - under age 18 or age 18 and older

    Driver license testing offices (See DMV service centers)
    Knowledge exam
    Road (skills) test (Schedule a test)

    Skills test
       Commercial driver license (CDL)
       Third party testing (commercial driver license (CDL) skills tests)
    Vehicle emission

    Out-of-state violations

TIME - Traffic Incident Management Enhancement

    Camping or pop-up trailers
    Change name

    Information for new residents
    Lien (Remove a lien from your title)
    Lost title
    Mobile homes and recreational vehicles
    New residents

    Permission to pick up title
    Title a vehicle
    Title/registration service providers
    Where's my title?

Title VI and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
Title VI for transit programs
TraCs (Traffic and Criminal Software)
Traffic accidents, how to report
Traffic cameras throughout Wisconsin (choose location by county or highway)

Traffic counts
Traffic crash facts
Traffic enforcement
Traffic fines and points
Traffic Guidelines Manual - ID and logon required

Traffic operations centers
Traffic safety courses
Traffic Safety Reporter
Traffic violations, out-of-state

    Civil 3D
    Driving schools
    For consultants/contractors - ID and logon required
    LearnCenter (for WisDOT employees)
    Training Academy facilities, State Patrol

Transfer license plates
Transfer a vehicle
Transit, public
Transit projects, plans and studies
Transportation Alternative Program (TAP)

Transportation and land use
Transportation coordination
Transportation Economic Assistance (TEA)
Transportation Finance and Policy Commission
Transportation law

Transportation Moves Wisconsin
Transportation Planning Resource Guide
Transportation Projects Commission
Transportation regional offices, locations
Transportation research, national/international

Transportation research, Wisconsin
Transportation security
Transportation Utility Management System (TUMS)
Travel information
Travel times, Milwaukee-area

Tribal affairs
Tribal Transportation for Elders
Trip permits, motor carriers
Trooper recruiting, State Patrol
Trout Unlimited license plates

Truck routes map
Truck safety
Trucker's guide (Wisconsin)
Trucks, driving safely around
Twitter (on WisDOT website)

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Uninsured motorists
Unlicensed dealers
University license plates
Unpaid parking citation

US highways projects in Wisconsin are listed under H - Highways

U.S. veteran motorcycle license plates
USDOT number, how to get one
Used cars, how to get help with a problem used car
Utility Coordination (UC Guide)
Utility handbooks

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Variable message signs (Milwaukee)
Vehicle emission testing
Vehicle history information
Vehicle miles of travel (VMT)
Vehicle records

Vehicle registration
Vehicle registration fees
Vehicle registration forms and publications
Vehicle safety
Vehicle title not received

Vehicle title to lien holder
Vehicle titles
Verona Road (US 18/151) Project, Madison - Dane County

Veteran driver's license or ID identifier
Veteran plates
    Disabled veteran
    Military group
    U.S. veteran motorcycle

Violations, out-of-state
Vision, WisDOT
Voting - get free ID for voting

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Walking, travel by
WAMS registration
Warranty problems
Washington Island ferry
Water damaged vehicle

Water projects, plans and studies
Water Street bridge project, Eau Claire
Water travel
Wausau-area traffic
Waysides and rest areas

Weather alerts
Weather conditions
Weigh stations
Weight restriction map (seasonal)

Weight restriction programs (seasonal)
Wheel tax - municipal or county vehicle registration fee
Wholesale dealer license
Winter driving safety
Winter road conditions

WIS highway projects in Wisconsin are listed under H - Highways

Wisconsin Dells Parkway project - Sauk County
Wisconsin Employment Transportation Assistance Program (WETAP)
Wisconsin Information System for Local Roads
Wisconsin National Guard license plates
Wisconsin rail plan 2030

Wisconsin salutes veterans license plates
Wisconsin trucker's guide
Wisconsin Women's Health Foundation license plates
WISCORS (Wisconsin Continuously Operating Reference Stations)
WisDOT contacts

WisDOT Emergency Services Contract Directory
WisDOT LearnCenter (for WisDOT employees)
WisDOT offices locations
WisDOT phone guide
WISLR, Wisconsin Information System for Local Roads

Work zones
Writing for the web guidelines

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Yellow flashing arrow turn signals
YouTube videos
Zero in Wisconsin
Zip code look-up for DMVs
Zoo interchange project - Milwaukee

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